Friday, March 4, 2011

Beyblade Stats and information

Rock Aries
Face BoltAries
Energy RingAries** * * ** *
Fusion WheelRock** * * ** *
Spin TrackED145* ** *
Performance TipB* * * ** * *
  • Special Attacks
  • Sheep Horn Throw(Horn Throw Destruction): Aries charges at the foe and launches it into the air.
  • Windstorm Assault: Aries hooks the foe and swings it around

Rock Leone
Face BoltLeone
Energy RingLeone** * * ** *
Fusion WheelRock** * * ** *
Spin Track145* *
Performance TipWB** * * * **
      Special Attacks
  • Lion Gale Force Wall(Windstorm Wall): Leone creates a huge tornado around itself which no one can enter (except from above).
  • Wild Fang War Dance(Wild Wind Fang Dance):It has a similar effect as Lion Gale Force Wall, but the tornado is much more powerfull. Leone tends to dig a trench in the arena when using this move.
  • 100 Fang Fury(100 Fierce Fangs):
  • King Lion Furious Blast Shot(King Lion Furious Bullet Shot/Erupting Fierce Bullet): Leone flies into the air and tackles the opponent with the power of a tornado.
  •   King Lion Tearing Blast(Erupting Storm): Leone creates three tornados that attack the opponent

Face BoltLibra
Energy RingLibra* *** * * *
Metal WheelFlame** ** * * *
Spin TrackT125*
Performance TipES* ** * * * *
  • Sonic Wave: Libra fires several sonic blades at its opponent.
  • Sonic Buster: Libra creates a sand pit designed to slow down opponents and make them easier targets.
  • Inferno Blast(Last Judgement Inferno/Judgement Day Inferno): Libra creates a green explosion of sonic waves.
  • Sonic Shield: Libra is covered in a green aura and deflects opponent

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