Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to make the best beyblades in the world

Hi guys, I have some really cool unbeatable customized beyblades

1st Earth Aquario 100ES
Parts needed
Any Face Bolt
Aquario Energy ring
Earth fusion wheel
100 spin track
eternal spikes performance tip.
2nd Earth Libra H145B/WB/WD
Parts Needed
any Face bolt
Libra energy ring
Earth fusion wheel
H145 spin track
ball/wide ball/wide defence performance tip
3rd Flame Gemios T125ES
Parts needed
Any face bolt
Gemios energy ring
t125 spin track
Eternal spikes tip
4th Rock Bull H145WD
Parts Needed
any face bolt
Bull energy ring
rock fusion wheel
Horns145 spin track
wide defence tip